19 thoughts on “CONTACT VIKRAM VA

  1. I had flashed AICP V9 Q1010i,all are working smoothly,but when ever a call comes,phone lags,i cannot access dialer to attend the call,somebody pls help me


  2. I am having miui v7 v5.8.25, can i update with the above ota v17?!
    N wher can i get description of octa os, juz wanted to know if it is bugless!! !


    • No…u have to download v15 full ROM zip and flash it….then flash ota zip one by one…and October os ….not bugless ROM….it has the same bug as previous cm ROMs has…but this ROM is best in battery backup… all cm ROMs..
      Hope u got ur ans.


  3. Yo, Vikram, What’s up?
    I had a look at your “custom boot logo for android” page. I was just wondering how you would create one? I want to make a custom logo just like that and put my own text in it.
    Can you help me?


  4. Hi,
    I could port HuboInc TWRP recovery for my device Intex Aqua Ace 2 running 5.1 in 1 mtk 6735 SoC. I want to upgrade to 6.1. I have and flashable firmware. Can you please guide me how could I do it? Thank you.


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